Friday, September 21, 2012

oh hey, I have a blog,,,,duhhh

Sorry...I forgot I had a blog until I was reading Natalia's and then I was like duhhhh. lol but I have no idea if it will let me post pictures so I will just try and see.
ohhhh look! it works again!!! now I gotta figure the rest out since they changed it. I will try a wedding picture next.
ohh sweeet!!! okay it's on now! more when I have time. gotta go make rob's lunch. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

32 days til the wedding *uggh*

So yesterday, the boys went out and got their suits. I got to check that off my list, so that made me happy. It also made me happy that they didn't pick out suits that made them look like pimps. Ashley got her "flower girl" dress, even though she is a leaf girl not a flower girl. We spent hours in the mall looking at dresses and trying to find one for her. She is at the awkard age where she is about to me 9 (this week infact) and she is at an odd size. The toddler dresses look to babish for her and the older girl dresses make her look like a prostitot, or a slutty tiny ice skater. So we went to the little angle's store with all the annoying poffy dresses with glitter on them in hopes that we could find something that made her look like....a little girl. Again we were faced with baby hooker outfits. Why the hell (excuse me) would you put your daughter or any kid for that matter in a dress that looks like it belongs on lady gaga? We had to resort to the catalog to look for a dress that would cover her girly parts but wasn't poofy or covered in liberachi type glitter. We spent 45 mins looking at this stupid catalong while Ashley broused by herself in the store. Then Ashley walks over to a rack and pulls out a dress that looked good, was in her size, in the colours we needed and on sale! We must have walked by this dress 40 times and never noticed it. She won major points in the shopping department and will now be my personal shopper since I hate it so much. We also finished writing our vows. It only took us about an hour to get them down. It's amazing how much time you save with vows when you do your own! We didn;t even mention farts or boogers so it's pretty safe to say in public. We met with the wedding cordanater lady and figured out that we have to rehurse on Thursday the 27th of October after 4:00 p.m. I hope we can get through it without too much drama. We also have to pick up Rob's mom and grandmother at the air port that day. I filled out the paper work to get the week off so I can spend sometime getting ready and getting things together for the wedding so I just hope it gets approved. This will be the 1st halloween I wont be with my classroom to help dress the kids in their costumes and walk the parade with them, so I am a little bummed about it. I may sneek over to see the parade anyway. We still have a ton of things to do, like assemble the favors for the guests, but we are doing candy bags cuz it's halloween time so I wanna do that last so the candy is fresh. We still have to pay off a few people, but I think we finally have that under control since I got a bonus.
My Birthday was uneventful, Mondays usually are, but I did get some flowers from Rob so that was quite nice. Mom and Dad were of course in Utah for grandma's funeral. I would have liked to go too, but I had a commitment to model for the breast cancer pin up girl calender again and I didn't want to not support the cause since it brought the susan g cancer research place over 4 grand last year. I figured she would understand since everyone has been touched by breast cancer in some way. I was glad mom and dad made it though. I didn't mind that they wernt here for my birthday, they called me so that was good enough. Plus, I had to go to bed early since I had work the next day anyway.
Anyhow, Hope all is well with everyone, I will try to post again before the wedding to see if I get anymore stuff done, but I don't know how interesting all this stuff is to anyone. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer vacation about to end...:(

Well, this summer was kinda boring, but we did a few fun things. Summer was over on July 28th and on July 30 we went to Karen's reception. It was pretty crowded, but really fun.
We had the time to drive to Yosemite with the parents. That was pretty epic. We had already visited the coat and San Simeon (sp?) so we went inland this time. Yosemite was pretty nice, Rob took some great photos, most are on my face book page and mom's if you guys haven't got a chance to take a look. I would post them here, but for some dumb reason this blogger has stopped letting me put photos up. We only hiked to bridal veil falls because it was the "easy" hike. I was winded and my knee kept popping and mom's ankle swelled up like crazy, but we made it. We only spent 4 hours there because it was so dang crowded and we didn't plan ahead and couldn't even find a hotel anywhere near the park. We had to stay 2 hours away. But it was nice regardless, and now we learned that we need to plan in advance.
The wedding plans are still going. However I keep having people reschedule things with me. The florist and the seamstress both bailed on me twice, making my last few days off a scramble on tieing up loose ends. All the things I needed to get done are on a list and I have only been able to cross a few things off because of the rescheduling. Mom has turned into momzilla regarding the wedding and for some reason was mad at me for buying stuff regardless that she was with me and okayed the things I did buy. Nothing like mixed signals to really make this an enjoyable experience. The stress has finally started to sink in as the date gets closer. I think of all the weeks I did nothing about the wedding because I have so much time to do it.....gurrrrr.
The reply cards are still coming in and I am thrilled with all the family that is coming out! I just wish I had a huge mansion so I could have us all under one roof! I also wish I had lots of vacation time to hang out. Makes me think we should have gone for a summer wedding instead of a fall wedding regardless of how much rob and I like fall and Halloween, it would have been easier on everyone if we picked summer. Hind sight is always 20/20.
Rob and I did manage to make it down to Oakland to get our marriage license at least. Granted it was in the middle of another water heater melt down we still managed to get there and get the license before the parts or the plumber showed up.
We recently found out that Rob's dad can't make it due to his heart, travel isn't a good idea. Rob's step dad can't make it to the wedding because he is in the middle of selling his house. Rob's twin brother had the money to make it to be his best man but blew it on a new flat screen t.v. so chances are he wont make it for the wedding ether. Poor Rob has no best man. The only thing we could come up with is my dad being his best man and my mom walking me down the isle, since he doesn't know any one else to stand in for him. He can't ask his co-workers because they are covering his shifts while he gets married. Sheesh. So I may have a spare booger green tie if anyone wants one...
We still have tons of things to do, and the wedding account is slowly draining, we have almost paid off the photo guy and almost paid off the florist lady. But Ashley still doesn't have a dress and Karen still hasn't picked her dress up from the dress shop. ugghhhh I will be so glad when this is all over. I just want to go back to normal. Normal is in a world non bridal, where green is green, not clover, sage, shamrock, Kelly, emerald, jade or spring. It's just plain green. I miss that world.

Monday, July 11, 2011

it's been a loooong time

Sorry it has been awhile, but I am usually on facebook but I know some of the family is not to I wanted to try to update.
The invites are sent so you should be getting them any day now. A lot of people are asking us where we are registered since we didn't include any note saying what to get us. To be honest we don't need anything. I know it's crazy, but we have both been married before and we live together, so we pretty much have everything. We can't take time off work for a honeymoon so there is no wishing well website to send money to. We couldn't agree to a charity to donate too considering they are all worthy, so we would just be happy to get a card with heart felt well wishes. If you feel the need to send a gift, just make it a gift card to target or safe way or luckys, something like that. Plus it's been hard on evryone lately in the money department so gift are not nessesarry at all. Hope that helps out if anyone was wondering. :)
As for the rest of the wedding plans go, it's cool so far. The bridesmaids all have dresses. My dress is currently missing. I gave it to the seamstress to bustle the back of it sometime in May and I haven't heard from the lady again. I'm not panicked yet. Dad and the grooms men still need suits. We finally got a cake topper, it's a corpse bride from tim Burton's movie. we have plenty of decor and I pay the flower lady in August. Our d.j. is putting together a playlist of mainly 80's music and celtic stuff some new wave too since you can't exactly dance to goth music. I thnk The funkins (foam punpkins) are being carved by a friend who is a billion times more creative then myself.
As for Rob and I we wre doing well. Mostly working and when we get the chance we meet up with mom and dad to go somewhere. Before summerschool started we drove down highway 1 to big sir and toured the hearst castle. We went hiking in sanol canyon and mom and dad took Rob to the golden gate bridge to take photos. All the photos are on facebook, since this blog wont let me put photos up anymore.
Summer school started a week ago so I have been busy with that. But as soon as summer school is finished we will plan another trip and I may try to hunt down my wedding dress.
thats about it guys. Love you! oh and don't forget to send back your reply cards apparently I need to count people for the wedding. LOL

Sunday, January 23, 2011

More from my bucket of crazy

So, we managed to pick out the bufet menu as well as the flowers. I honestly can't recal what we will be eating since it was done last month, however I do belive there will be some sort of chicken dish. The flowers seemed to be extreemly complacated, There are thousands of choices in flowers alone, wittled down only by the seasonal choices. Then there seems to be an endless choice of shapes of boquets to choose from...really...I had to pick the shape of the boquet. I figured that once you put a bunch of flowers together it makes it's own shape. I guess I was wrong. I had no idea what flowers I wanted so the lady told me to bring her a picture. I just kind of handed her a picture of some boque I found in a magizine, but it doesn't stop of course not. I had to substatute some for others and all that horse doody. Natalia came with me and I just let her do it. I think she is better at girly things than I am.
In August mom and I ordered my wedding dress, however we hadden't heard anything from the store we ordered it from in quite awhile. We decided to stop by the store in November while I was on Vacation to just see if they had an e.t.a on the dress. So we went to the store and it was closed. Not just closed but it closed down. No dresses in the windows no people working in the now empty store, no cars in the parking lot. All this store had was a phone number on the window. After mom and I paniced and freaked out and yelled and pounded on the doors for a while we called the number and was assured the dress was ordered and in production and not to worry about the dress or the deposit on the dress. We were also told that the e.t.a on the dress was about the 3rd week of December. So on December 29th we drove to stalkton and picked up my dress, it's freeking awesome!
Rob got his suit and shoes. we ordered the ties and all that jazz. So far a huge chunk of the wedding crap is done. But we still need to figure out a cake and a cake topper as well as the music. the girls still need dresses and we have looked at quite a few places and not found anything they would like to wear. But I think I can finally relax for a bit and add to the wedding account for a few months before we have to put more money on the next thing we need.
Mom has had two surgurys in the past month. She had her ankle repaired from an injury she got about 10 years ago. She is now in a giant boot and has a frankenstine walk but she is okay. Then she had the little cancer spot removed from her ear as well. she has tiny stitches in her ear now. I was hoping she would look elf like but no such luck. She is doing well, even though dad has done most the cooking and cleaning the past few weeks, he has actually managed to keep from burning the house down...for the most part. He did have an issure with a cornned beef he turned to dust, but it was his 1st day cooking. lol

Sunday, October 17, 2010

more wedding crap

We have started ordering items for the wedding. I went through oriental trading company for a lot of stuff. They seem to have nice things for a price we can afford. So far we have the grooms gifts and bridesmaid's gifts, flower girl and ring kid gifts, garders and treat bags. I also went out and got the veil thingy, which I kind of don't understand the point of since Rob and I live together so he has already seen my face. But apparently since my dress is strapless, dad wants a veil to cover my tattoos. You can still see them through the veil, so again, I am not too sure why this was so flippin' important. We have the invites, we just haven't printed them out. I got my shoes, they are $10.00 white ballet slippers so I am not towering over Rob. He is already a bit shorter than I am.
The list of stuff we need is still really long though. We still need a cake, flowers and center pieces (I hear these are extremely important..for some reason)as well as brides maid dresses and grooms and grooms men's suits. the list is endless. I am glad we started planning now, since a picture person runs about 2 grand alone. *sigh* I am not sure why things are so expensive when it's just for a day. It seems starting out your marriage in debt up to your eyeballs is the norm, but I have a mortgage to pay and Rob needs braces. It's pretty funny to see all the wedding magazines where the couple have this huge lavish wedding that costs tons of money and they are younger than Rob and I. I wonder what they do for a living and how much debt they are in. Maybe I needed to pick a higher paying job that was less fulfilling, instead of going for a job that made me feel like I made a difference in a kid's life.
I don't like planning big events like this, I don't know how to organize stuff like this. A coordinater costs more money, but maybe worth it to get the pressure off. I have a year to stress out about everything. The worst part is I have no one to blame but myself, it all started when I fell in love with a dress, and I had to build a wedding to match it. If I stayed out of the dress store, I would still be getting married in my parents back yard or a nice normal small stress free court house. Here's the kicker, I don't even remember what the stupid dress looks like! I haven't seen it for 2 months! We ordered it and I am sure it is being made somewhere in a sweat shop in China by tiny children who only get paid $.8 a day! I can't even recall the beading or the shape of it. I just know it's strapless and has some green on it. For the love of all that is Holy!!!!!! I have dug myself in way too deep to turn back now. The parents were kind enough to pay for the wedding venue and mom got her fancy dress already and she LOVES it! She looks amazing in it!
Just think, it's going to be a whole year of posts like this. Me freaking out and second guessing ever move I make. It's like year long torture. Poor Rob. Poor poor unknowing Rob. I have hid my crazy from him for over a year already, it's getting harder and harder to pass off my mental break downs as p.m.s. At some point he will look at the wall calendar and figure out I am just slowly going bat crap crazy.
So thank you for reading my post and letting me vent. Keep up with my page to watch me spiral down into bridzilla like tantrums. That way the asylum had documentation of why I have to be in a padded room in a "hug me jacket". Maybe they have a whole room full of brides, I should suggest it when I get there.

Monday, September 20, 2010

wedding plans

Okay so the wedding plans as annoying is they are, are going well. We have a venue we have a guest list and food. We have the dress and a groom. We have my shoes (they are white slippers) and we have the invites (only 60) we even have our d.j. but we are getting there. Rob and I started a wedding fund so we can put money in it and when we need to buy stuff we use the money outta that account so we can still pay bills. We still need a cake, a person to take awesome pictures and a few other things. But we have a year to save and a year to spend. I am trying not to panic. I have only cried 4 times while doing our budget.......I honestly thought this would be fun, it's not. we should have eloped.